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Cut through the clutter and unleash the advanced capabilities of an AI-powered, unified security analytics platform with Gurucul's Next-Gen SIEM.

Is Your Legacy SIEM Maxed Out?

Your SIEM is the pillar of your SecOps program. But what if your legacy system is starting to show its age? Your SOC team wastes countless hours and resources writing static parsing rules while trying in vain to find and eradicate threats by chasing an inordinate amount of false positives.

But you're not stuck. Find out how to take your first step with Gurucul's AI-powered and unified Next-Gen SIEM.

A SIEM to Augment Your SIEM?

It may sound crazy, but trust us, it's not. Our flexible Next-Gen SIEM has an open and modular architecture that allows it to augment critical pressure points inherent in your legacy SIEM, or replace it altogether. It's your choice.

For augmentation, think of it as a high-fidelity threat detection overlay that immediately expands the capabilities of your SOC and minimizes the operational complexity produced by your legacy SIEM. You'll spend less effort and reach your goal of defeating dwell time faster.

Legacy SIEM vs. Augmented SIEM with Gurucul

Don't replace it. Augment it.

While a SIEM rip and replace is feasible, it is unlikely due to the entrenched nature of the technology. An augment and phase out strategy is more realistic. Refocus your SIEM back to its comfort zone of simple log management and compliance, and leave the rest to Gurucul.

Regain control over your data ingestion costs while maximizing the human potential of your SOC. Deliver clarity with high-fidelity threat detections, AI assisted investigations and out-of-the-box security content so your analysts can focus on what matters most – quickly eradicating threats.

Complete Security Visibility

Legacy SIEM Challenge
Can't easily ingest all relevant data sources in various formats from heterogenous, multi-cloud environments resulting in additional 3rd party costs and significant delays.

Gurucul SIEM Augmentation
Get full visibility with our ML-powered data fabric that can handle any security and non-security related data. It ingests, interprets, monitors, enriches, reduces, and routes data from any source or format that requires no costly third-party services, data distribution or parsing software like Cribl.

High-Fidelity Detections

Legacy SIEM Challenge
Static correlation rules find only what you're looking for and bombard your team with false positives.

Gurucul SIEM Augmentation
Receive true positives in real-time with a massive library of fine-tuned ML models. Dynamic behavioral baselines surface user or entity anomalies which are cross-validated against adjacent telemetry. Get accurate detections with the context necessary to respond quickly.

Faster Time-to-Response

Legacy SIEM Challenge
Valuable time is wasted chasing meaningless alerts and manually piecemealing context from siloed data, which leads to cumbersome and incomplete investigations.

Gurucul SIEM Augmentation
Quantify, elevate and respond according to your business risk tolerance. A normalized risk score scale of 1-100 dynamically adjusts to deliver accurate threat detections in real-time. Automate responses with pre-tuned playbooks, or fully customize and integrate with existing processes.

Control Over Cost

Legacy SIEM Challenge
Data deluge spikes expensive ingestion costs and requires add-on services or software in-order to account for new and unique data sources or formats.

Gurucul SIEM Augmentation
Flexible pricing, open architecture and a native intelligent data processing fabric gives you freedom and flexibility. Design your ideal architecture and optimize costs without undergoing an expensive rip and replace.

Liberation of Talent

Legacy SIEM Challenge
Analysts waste too much time conducting swivel-chair, mundane tasks due to low-fidelity SIEMs.

Gurucul SIEM Augmentation
Maximize the human potential of your SOC by delivering clarity with high-fidelity threat detections so they can focus on what matters most – quickly eradicating threats.

Go with Gurucul

It's not just our technology that sets us apart. We make it easy for you to enhance your entire SecOps strategy.

Avoid Duplicate Costs:

SIEM contracts are long and binding, so let's solve that. We'll buy back up to one year of your SIEM contract. Obviously, certain terms & conditions apply.

Get Immediate Value Day One:

With thousands of out-of-the-box security content, including 3,000+ pre-tuned ML models, ingestion to detection can begin immediately.

White Glove Implementation and Support:

Go from planning to actionable results in less than 6 weeks.

Use Cases

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Detecting Insider Threats

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